Name:Inu-Yasha (Dog-Demon)
Age:Around 150 (demon Years) Around 17-18 (human years)
Race:Half Demon (Dog) Half Human
Hair:Silver (demon) Black (Human)
Height:About 5'9"
Weight:143.6 lbs
Status:Collecting Shikon shards
Saying: Keh, Feh, wench
Voice Actor: Richard Cox (Englsih) Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanse)
Love-Life: At first, the young hanyou's (Half-demons) heart belonged to the preists Kikyo. That ended when the two thought the other betrayed eachother. Later, during his advetures with Kagome, we can all see he is slowly starting to fall in love with the happy-go-lucky girl. However, their relationship can't grow do to the consisten appearences of the walking dead Kikyo.
Description:Inu-Yasha is a half demon half human dog demon. From childhood, he lost his father and mother. His half brother Sesshomaru abandonded him in the forest, leaving him to fend for himself for he disliked Inu-Yasha with his half human blood.
During his youth, Inu-Yasha had to under-go scorn and cruelty from both youkai (demon) and ningen (human) alike. He was cast out on both sides, not able to belong to either for the humans hated him for his half demon blood, while the demons hated him for his human blood.
Over the years he grew and heard word of the Jewel of Four Souls, a.k.a Shikon no tama and Sacred Jewel. It was said that the beholder could make any wish and have it granted, or use it to become more powerful. Of course this intriged are young hanyou, and he went in search of the mystical jewel.
Currently in the Jewels possesion was a powerful preistess named Kikyo. She stopped any attempt Inu-Yasha made for the jewel, but spared his life unlike the other demon she fought. This forged a bond between the two, and eventually they talked on friendly terms.
Inu-Yasha began to grow found of the beautiful but strong woman named Kikyo. Soon the two feel in love, and Kikyo made a proposal for him.
"Inu-Yasha," she spoke softly, "It is true that if a wish is made upon the jewel, it will grant the wish. But if a pure wish is made, then it will cease to exsist, setting me free of my duties for I am its protector. If you wish to become a full human, then the jewel will disspear and we will both be free of the cast-out life, able to live in harmony like normal people."
This sparked the young hanyous intrest, and he agreed later on. But of course, things never go quite as planned.
On the day of the wish, a new demon named Naraku was born and he set the two against eachother. He disguised himself as Kikyo, and tried to kill Inu-Yasha. He then disguised himself as Inu-Yasha, and gave Kikyo a fatel wound on her right shoulder while telling her he was going to use the jewel to destroy the village.
Sometime after that event, an angry (real) Inu-Yasha entered the village bent on taking the jewel. He brought distruction and caous, leaving the village in ruins. However, before he could take off with the jewel, Kikyo pinned him to the God tree with her last strength were he stayed in an inchanted sleep.
50 years later, Kagome was transported down the well and in a desprate attempt for escaping a youkai, she set Inu-Yasha free. After he destroyed the demon, he went after Kagome for the jewel, but Keada put rosaries around his neck so every time Kagome says the word "sit!" he goes plummiting to the ground face first.
Later, the jewel was broken by her while retriving it from a bird youkai. The two now travel together collecting the shards as they meet new allies on the way and try to figure out the newely reserected Kikyo's ways.
Additional Information:During a new moon, Inu-Yasha turns full human for that night, taking away his abnormal demon powers. His hair turns violet, his claws nails, and his fangs teeth.
When Goshinki broke the seal on Inu-Yasha's sword which he got from his father's grave, his demon blood was released turing him into a killing machine. In this change, his fangs grow longer, his eyes become red with deep green pupils, his claws grow longer, and he gets a purple stripe on each cheek. Whenever Inu-Yasha's life is threatoned and he is without his sword, his demon blood is released. Only when his sword is returned that he goes back to normal.


Blades of Blood: uses his own blood from a wound as a weapon.

Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer: His claw slashing

Wind Scar: An extremely powerful attack used with his sword, it can kill 100 youkai in one swing.



Human: He becomes completely human the first new moon of every month when there is no youkai blood flowing through him. He is one till the sun rises.

Demon: He becomes completely demon when his human blood is not flowing through him. It