Name:Kagome Higurashi
Status:Kikyo's reincarnation, collecting Shikon Shards
Voice Actor:Moneca Stori(English)Satsuki Yukino(Japanese)
Love-Life: It is obvious Kagome truly loves Inu-Yasha. In episode 48, return to the place we first met, she discovers this for herself. However, do to Kikyo's constant appearances, leaving the poor girl in heartbreak, Kagome's and Inu-Yasha's relationship can't grow much.
Description:Kagome Higurashi was just a normal teenage girl living in Tokyo at the Sunset Shrine in the year 1997. Then, on the day of her fifteenth birthday, she stumbles into an old well on the shrine that her family cares for. A centipede grabs her and demands that Kagome give her the Shikon Jewel. Having no idea what the demon is talking about, she panics and somehow emits a purple light from her hands that appears to kill the demon.

After climbing back out of the well, she sees that she is in a forest. Running to where her house should be, she finds a tree with a boy pinned to it. Then villagers from a nearby village attack her thinking she is a shape shifting demon. The priestess of the village, Kaeda, notices that Kagome strongly resembles her dead sister, Kikyo.

During their conversation, the demon attacks again. Kagome runs to the tree that the boy is pinned to, and after being injured by the demon, she releases the boy. The boy immediately demands that she hand over the jewel. By this time Kaede arrives and places a magical necklace on the boy that will immobilize him when Kagome says the word "sit". Kaede explains to her about the boy, Inu-Yasha, and how he was pinned to the tree. She also concludes that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo.

Later on in the day, the jewel is stolen by a crow demon and is shattered into many pieces which become scattered all over the land. Being the reincarnation of Kikyo, Kagome is also blessed with a sixth sense enabling her to find the jewel shards. She has also seemed to inherit some of Kikyo's archery skills, though her powers are still seriously under-developed.

Now she has to travel with Inu-Yasha to collect the shards that were scattered across all of Japan. She feels it is her duty to do it because she was the one who shattered it in the first place.

Kagome is a kind and carrying individual, who also has a stubbron atittude and a scary temper. Inu-Yasha has leared all these things the hard way.


Sight-She can see the Shikon no tama no matter where it is.

Feel-She can also feel the presence of jewel.

Purify-She can purify the jewel by touch when no one else can touch it.

Magic Arrows-Her arrows seem to have a bit of magic power to them for they pierce many interesting things.