Name: Sango
Age: 17
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: About 57''
Weight: Unknwon
Status: Demon Slayer out for revenge on Naraku
Saying: PERVERT!
Voice actor: Kelly Sheridan (English) Kuwasahima Haouku (Japanese)
Love Life: Througout the series, Sango falls in love with the perverted monk Miroku. Though she wont admit it, and neither will he, it is apparent that the two carry deep feelings for one another. However, do to Naraku and Miroku's perverted ways, it is hard for their relationship to fully grow into something so much more.
Description: Sango is a 17 year old girl brought up in a demon exterminator village. She had a family consisting of a father and a ten year old brother named Kohaku. However, one day they were called upon to do an extermination at a castle.
When they finished killing the demon they were called upon to kill, Kohaku, Sango's little brother, was possesed by another hidden demon. He slaughtered his father and fellow villagers that were all sent to destroy the demon with him. Then, he turned his fateful weapon upon his sister.
Sango fought with her brother, and during that fight she notcied a thread in his neck leading back to the supposed 'lord' of the castle. Kicking her little brother in the stomache, she began running towards the lord yelling that he was a demon.
Kohaku had gotten back up from his kick to the stomach. He threw his chain weapon at Sango and hit her in her back, stopping her dead in her tracks. The 'lord' then released his hold upon Kohaku and ordered his gaurds to kill them.
Kohaku, horrifide by what he had done, ran towards his sister, only to be shot with arrows by the gaurds. He fell to the ground.
Sango ran towards her brother, and was also shot down with arrows in her back. She crawled beside her brother's bloodied form and comforted him when he told her of his fear. The final arrows were shot towards them, and they both supposedly died.
Then the prince came out and slayed the supposed lord, claiming that it was a demon in desguise. He then burried the demon slayers in his courtyard.
Meanwhile, in the village of the demon exterminators, a hord of demons were attacking. A fight began and ended with the demons as the victors, and in the middle of them all is Naraku standing. Laughing, the evil half demon collected the jewel shards that were there, then absorbed the remaing demons from the battle.
In the courtyard, Sango fought her way out of her grave. The lord found her and brought her inside to nurse her back to health. The next day Naraku stopped by the castle. He was the lords 'trusted advisor' of couse the lord did not know of his evilness. Naraku explained to the lord of how Sango's village was attacked and destroyed by a half demon named Inu-Yasha.
Sangon, hearing this, pulled herself out of bed and ran towards the door. She asked for her armor back and proclaimed that she would destroy this Inu-Yasha and avenge her kin!
So she went in search of Inu-Yasha with Naraku. Naraku, seeing she was in pain, gave her a jewel shard. This gave her the strength she needed and she hunted down Inu-Yasha and attacked him, not knowing that she was slowly bleeding to death.
Inu-Yasha smelled her blood and eventually convinced her that it was Naraku who was their enemy, not him. She fainted and he took her and Kagome to the place where Naraku, Miroku, and Kilala, Sango's fire cat, where battling.
Naraku confessed that he was the one to kill the villagers while the best demon fighters where away. Sango grew angry of this and tried to kill him, but he pulled the jewel from her back allowing her to feel pain again. Naraku was then killed, but they found out it was only a puppet.
Addtional Information: Later in the series Naraku brought Kohaku back to life using a jewel shard. He erased all his memories and now maniplulates him into attack the Inu-group.



Hiraikotsu-Sango's huge boomerang that can kill giant youkai in one throw.

Doku-fun-This is a poisonous gas used to exterminate small demons as well as enemies. Sango throws poison gas egg-shaped balls at the opponents, and wears a gas mask to protect herself from the fumes.