The Murder of Kaylen Crew

The Murder of Kaylen Crew Chapter 1

The Murder of Kaylen Crew Chapter 1

Body under the floor bords

      It was a sunny day in New Inraid, a small quite town. Kaylen Crew, an old woman everyone thought to be a witch, was doing her usual thing. Knitting scarves and making cookies like most old women do. She did those things day and night, almost like she was suspecting someone to be at her home. The cookies usually ended up in the trash can and her house was covered in knitted goods, like gloves, sweaters, scarves, socks and much more.
       She lived in the classic old manshoin with the long spooky yard and black creeky gate. The house defently need tieding up becuase it was dusty and it defently needed repairs for the floor bored creeked. The house needed a new paint job and new windows. The place was a reck, it was only a matter of time something happend to poor old Kaylen.
       One night Kaylen was getting ready to go to bed when she herd a crash like a window breaking downstairs in the kitchen. She grabbed a bace ball bate thinging it might be burgalers again. She creeped down the old creepy staircase towards the kitchen when she noticed a movement at the bottom of the stair case. She slowly walked down and turned to where she saw the figure. To her surprise the black figure was standing there waiting for her.
       The last thing anyone herd of Kaylen Crew was a thrill high pitched scream that echoed across the city. Her body was never found
      It was night time a year after her murder. It was in fact the same night she had been murdered the pervious year.Billy K. and his friends, Jane Booya, Courtny Web, Brody Witter, and Kim Toosy where up to no good.
      "Billy, I dare you to go up and break into the witches house and steal something!" Egged Brody, the rest nodded there agreement.

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