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This is the ultament site! It has Inu-Yasha things, Ghost stories, teen news, Advice on things, chat posts, jokes and great links!
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How it Began

It all started in fuedal Japan with a prestess named Kikyo. Inu-Yasha was supposed to get the Shikon Jewl (aka, Shikon no tama or Jewl of 4 souls) in order to become human and live with kikyo until they grew old and died. But a demon named Naraku decived them into thinking that they had betrayed eachother. Naraku turned himself into Inu-Yasha and attacked Kikyo giving her a fatal wound in her shoulder.He took the jewl shard and said he was going to the village to kill everyone.Then he turend himself into Kikyo and tryed to kill Inu-Yasha with a bow. After that Inu-Yasha went to the village in order to steal the shikon jewl. He succseaded until Kikyo shot him with a sacrid arrow and pinning him to a tree. Kikyo then asked her younger sister Kieade to burn the Shikon jewl with her body. Kikyo then died of her wound. now in present Japan a girl named Kagome was off to start school when she was called over to the well to help find Buyoe, the family cat when a monster pulled her into the well. She was transported back to feudal Japan where she found Inu-Yasha asleep on the tree 50 years after Kikyo sealed him to it. Later she was taken to a village where the same demon that pulled her into the well and attacked her. She ran screaming for someone to help her which awakend Inu-Yasha from his sleep. She ran to where Inu-Yasha was and the monster bit her, ripping the jewl shard that was in her body out into the air. The monster swollowed it and pinned her to the tree with Inu-Yasha. She then set him free and he killed th monster. Later on another demon got hold of the jewl and Kagome shot an arrow at it which ended up shattering the jewl. So now Inu-Yasha along with Kagome have to go find the shards and put the jewl back together.

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